Articles & Reference guides

This is a collection of articles and reference guides that are relevant for this course.

You can use them to get a better understanding of the topics covered in this course, or to fill any gaps in your knowledge.

IDE Setup#

Guides about how to setup your IDE for both VSCode and Android Studio:

Navigation with GoRouter#

In this course, we use GoRouter for navigation.

To get started, head to the GoRouter package on

There is also a very extensive documentation site explaining all the most important concepts (though note that this is no longer maintained):

Additional articles from my site:

App Architecture#

App architecture is a major focus in this course.

To complement the course material, I have written some reference articles.

Get started with these:

Then, learn about each of the four main layers (data, domain, application, presentation):

State Management & Riverpod#

The course assumes you already have a basic understanding of state management in Flutter.

If you need a refrehsher, read this:

Then, dive into Riverpod with my ultimate guide:

Additional Riverpod articles to complement the course material:

Design Patterns#

The course assumes you're already familiar with the most common design patterns.

Here's some additional articles to help you out:

UI, Layouts & Animations#

While some responsive UI concepts are introduced in section 1, this is not a course about building UIs.

Here are some additional resources:

JSON & Serialization#

For the most part, we will use the Dart Data Class Generator extension to generate our data models.

Alternatives such as Freezed exist, and you can learn more broadly about JSON serialization here:

Error Handling#

Section 10 of the course is all about error handling.

Here are some additional resources:


The official Flutter documentation contains the most complete info about localization:

I've also shared these articles on my site:

Dart Language#

The course assumes you're already proficient with the Dart language.

If you need a refresher, I recommend these resources:

I have also written some articles here:


In the upcoming Flutter & Firebase Masterclass, we'll dive into Firebase.

In the meantime, here are some resources to get you started:

I have also written some articles on my site:

Flutter in Production#

The third course will cover Flutter in production and I plan to write some additional articles on the topic.

For now, here's a guide about storing API keys:

Happy coding!