is a free Open Source project, allowing you to create instant, fast, beautiful documentation with zero configuration.

Documentation is an important aspect for many projects, however creating a custom documentation website for each project is time consuming. Many common solutions to problems have to be duplicated, along with dealing with overheads such as website maintenance & hosting.

Solutions such as Jekyll, Docusaurus, docsify and many others are great projects, however still require custom setup for each project.

This project delivers instant documentation websites with the content sourced directly from any public GitHub repository. Features include:

  • Branch & Pull Request previewing.
  • GitHub Pull Request bot for previewing automation.
  • Dark / Light mode theme support.
  • MDX components such as Tabs (useful for projects with multiple languages).
  • Server Side Rendered (SSR) pages (powered by Next.js & Vercel).
  • Support for search via Docsearch.
  • Managing common project variables.
  • Many configurable options, such as sidebars, Google Analytics, theming and more.

Repositories using

Should I use is a simple way to generate a documentation website with zero effort. It generally works for documentation websites with a lot of Markdown based content. If you require features which are more specific to your own project a custom solution might work better.