Clean Command

Supports all Melos filtering flags.

This command cleans the current workspace and all its packages of temporary pub & generated Melos IDE files.

melos clean

These files include;

  • {packageRoot}/.packages
  • {packageRoot}/.flutter-plugins
  • {packageRoot}/.flutter-plugins-dependencies
  • {packageRoot}/.dart_tool/package_config.json
  • {packageRoot}/.dart_tool/package_config_subset
  • {packageRoot}/.dart_tool/version
  • {workspaceRoot}/.idea/runConfigurations/melos_*.xml

This can be useful to give your workspace a 'fresh start', e.g.;

melos clean
melos bootstrap

Combining with filters#

Clean supports all package filtering options, therefore if you wanted to you could clean only a specific subset of your packages, for example:

# Only clean Flutter packages or apps.
melos clean --flutter

Adding a postclean lifecycle script#

Melos supports various command lifecycle hooks that can be defined in your melos.yaml.

For example, if you needed to cleanup any generated files, e.g. from a build runner, automatically after melos clean is ran, you can add a postClean script.

# melos.yaml
# ...
  postClean: rm packages/foo/lib/src/generated_file.g.dart
# ...

Another common use case is to run flutter clean in all Flutter packages;

# melos.yaml
# ...
  # Runs "flutter clean" in all Flutter packages (`--flutter`)
  # with a concurrency of 3 at a time (`--concurrency=3`).
  postClean: >
    melos exec --flutter --concurrency=3 -- "flutter clean"

# ...