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Add a docs directory to your GitHub repository. sources content directly from any Open Source GitHub repository.

To get started, create an empty docs directory and a config docs.json file, both at the root of your repository.

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Create an index.mdx file.

# Installation

npm install myawesomelib

Create an index.mdx file at the root of your /docs directory. supports nested pages based on your directory structure of the directory.

Start by writing some Markdown content. Installation pages are always a great place to start!


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Add a docs.json file to the root of the repository to configure your project by adding a theme, search, navigation, analytics and more.


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By using MDX we provide custom React components to help you build better documentation.


Using a custom domain name? Simply create a pull request & point your domain to our servers. We'll take care of the rest.

GitHub Bot

Install our GitHub bot on repositories using Any new Pull Requests will automatically display a publicly available deployment preview URL for your documentation.


Add your DocSearch application ID to your configuration file and instantly get full blown documentation search for free, powered by Algolia.