Build with Theta

Theta, an open-source hosted tool, facilitates the app development process by enabling dynamic UI changes without requiring app rebuilding or complex configurations. This tool will soon extend support for self-hosted and local development, further increasing its accessibility and versatility.

Traditional app development often necessitates frequent rebuilding and deployment cycles with every code change. Although some solutions exist and are really good, they are often limited in scope. For instance, Flutter's experimental push code (like Shorebird for Android) only targets expert developers, while no-code builders like FlutterFlow may compromise on code quality while still necessitating additional programming for complex features.

Why Theta#

Designed to facilitate quick UI designing, Theta streamlines the creation of dynamic interfaces directly within your app clients. Theta is not a no-code app builder. Instead, it allows developers to incorporate Theta into their existing workflows, ensuring seamless integration without compromising on code quality. With Theta, you can design a responsive app bar and view it within a Flutter app in mere minutes.

Here are some of Theta's defining features:

Available Features#

  • Absolute Positioning: Design elements with absolute positioning, similar to Figma.
  • Responsive Design: Create responsive elements and interfaces.
  • Theta Integration: Incorporate Theta into your app using the Theta Flutter library.
  • Code and No-Code Mix: Use workflows to combine no-code and code, e.g., run a method when a node is tapped.
  • Loading and Error Handling: Efficiently manage loading and error handling in remote widgets.
  • Light and Dark Modes: Support for dark and light UI themes.

Coming Soon#

  • Collaboration: Collaborate with your team.
  • Sharing: Share your designs with a public link.
  • States and Parameters: Manage states and parameters.
  • Node Overrides: Override any single node from your app.

Getting Started with Theta#

Discover how to create a UI project in Theta and stream a component seamlessly within your code.

Our instructional video will guide you through:

  • Designing a responsive app bar.
  • Streaming a UI component directly into your code.

Should I use Theta?#

Theta is a tool for enhancing the efficiency of your app development process, especially when you need to rapidly design and integrate dynamic UI components. It is particularly beneficial for projects that require a mix of no-code and custom-coded solutions.

However, if your project requires highly specific features that fall outside of Theta's current capabilities, a more custom solution might be a better fit. As Theta continues to evolve, more features will become available to accommodate a broader range of project requirements.

Remember, Theta is designed to complement your existing development workflow rather than replacing it entirely. It is worth exploring Theta if you want to reduce the time spent on rebuilding and deploying your app for every UI change, and if you value the flexibility of mixing no-code and custom code.