Choose between Navbars#

NavbarRouter supports three types of Navbar as of today standard which is basically material design 2 BottomNavigationBar (default for this package) and notched a customized NavigationBar with a notch and a material3 Navbar. User can choose to use either of them by setting the type property of the NavbarRouter widget to either NavbarType.standard, NavbarType.notched or NavbarType.material3.

Standard Navbar#

Standard Navbar

Notched Navbar#

Notched Navbar

Material 3 Navbar#

Material3 Navbar

The height of each Navbar can be accessed through the constants kM3NavbarHeight kStandardNavbarHeight and kNotchedNavbarHeight respectively.

Floating Navbar#

Floating Navbar

Decorating the Navbar#

  • NavbarDecoration for Standard Navbar
  • NotchedDecoration for Notched Navbar
  • M3NavbarDecoration for Material3 Navbar
  • FloatingNavbarDecoration for Floating Navbar