๐Ÿ’™ Contributing

Here are some notes about how to contribute to jaspr. For a concrete guide on contributing check out the CONTRIBUTING.md file.

We welcome any kind of contribution, but here are some concrete things for inspiration:

  1. Find bugs and write issues
  2. Write documentation and improve README
  3. Improve code documentation for core code and components
  4. Improve examples, write sample codes
  5. Write UI component libraries like jaspr-bootstrap or jaspr-bulma
  6. Write some third party packages for Jaspr
  7. Write articles and propagate Jaspr in Dart/Flutter community
  8. Write tests

Join our Discord Server for help or just to hang out.

Below is some more info for the different contribution categories:

1. Issues#

If you see an issue you would like to work on or have a problem yourself, feel free to open a PR for a fix.

Issues that are suitable to make a first contribution are marked with good first issue

For larger features we maintain specification documents, to which we welcome comments and feedback. The current open specificatios are:

2. Documentation & Examples#

We especially welcome every contribution to improve the docs, example or other sources that are important for helping developers to use jaspr. This includes:

3. Packages#

Jaspr benefits from a rich ecosystem of third-party packages. You are very welcome to create your own package for jaspr, e.g. as a port of an existing flutter package, a package wrapping a CSS framework, or a component library.

Checkout Third-Party Packages for a list of existing packages as an inspiration.

4. Community#

You can also contribute without directly working on the core project or other packages. We want to build an active and open community of developers around jaspr that want to push the boundaries of Dart on the web or server. You are welcome to be part of this community and participate in any way you like.

For starters, join our Discord Server.

If you want to further engage with the community, you can:

  • Propagate Jaspr in Dart/Flutter community
  • Write articles about Jaspr with examples or tutorials
  • Record videos about how create web pages in Jaspr