Welcome to Location Documentation

This library aims at providing you a simple way to get the user location without thinking about permission. It's also heavily configurable so you can easily get better performance or better battery.

It currently supports Android, iOS, macOS and Web. Support for remaining platforms is incoming.


  • 👨‍💻️ Easy to use
  • 🛰 Handles requesting permission and enabling GPS automatically for you
  • 🔋 Highly configurable so you get the best performance / battery ratio for your usecase
  • 🔍 Supports both with and without Google Play Services for Android phones without them
  • Supports background location updates
  • Flutter Favorite

How to use?#

Start by installing Location!

Then, to get the location of your user you can simply do:

final location = await getLocation();
print("Location: ${location.latitude}, ${location.longitude}");