Get Location

To get the location of the user, you can simply use

Future<LocationData> getLocation({LocationSettings? settings})

To see all the settings, see the settings page.

By default, the call will try to request permission if needed, activate GPS and return the location without anything needed from your part. If something goes wrong the call will throw.

If you have set global settings, it will use those settings instead of the default ones.

If you are currently listening for location with onLocationChanged, it will use the settings from this call.

If you call getLocation multiples times, the requests will be queued and they will receive the same location when available.


Getting location#

final location = await getLocation();
print("Location: ${location.latitude}, ${location.longitude}");

With custom settings#

final location = await getLocation(
    settings: LocationSettings(ignoreLastKnownPosition: true),
print("Location: ${location.latitude}, ${location.longitude}");