Listen to Location

To listen to the location of the user, you can simply use

Stream<LocationData> onLocationChanged({bool inBackground = false})

The stream will use the global settings for location tracking. You can set the settings with setLocationSettings.

If you change settings while listening to the location, the stream will be updated with the new settings (you can only have onn global settings active at the same time).

Don't forget to cancel the stream when you don't need it anymore. Otherwise the location will keep being tracked.

If you set the boolean inBackground to true, you will have receive background location notifications. It works only if the app is not killed. On Android, listening to background location will trigger a notification that you can control with updateBackgroundNotification.


Listening to location in the background#

The notification will only appear on Android

_locationSubscription = onLocationChanged(inBackground: _inBackground)
    .listen((LocationData currentLocation) async {
        await updateBackgroundNotification(
                'Location: ${currentLocation.latitude}, ${currentLocation.longitude}',
            onTapBringToFront: true,