Share your site

Once you have created your first QML website then next step is to share it online.

Automatically open a URL in Canonic#

Remember, only Canonic understands QML. If you are sharing your link with people who don't yet know about the Canonic browser or QML then you may want to use following method to automatically open your URL in Canonic. Otherwise your link will open in a normal HTML browser and not display correctly.

Simply add your url to the Canonic home page url (For example: and the Canonic web app will open your url as soon as it loads.

Know QML link sharing sites:#

Below are a few places to try sharing your new site.

Know of a new place to share QML links? Let us know or PR this document!

Canonic QML Web directory#

On the home page of the Canonic browser you will find a list of QML websites. Anyone is free to submit new urls to this list! Simply click Submit new URL and enter the url you would like to share.