Migrating to v5


Google replaced their Consent SDK with the User Messaging Platform (UMP) SDK, which supports the latest IAB standards and Apple's App Tracking Transparency requirements.

Please refer to the following links for more information:

Previously it was possible to request the ad providers and to update the consent status. This is no longer the case. Also, while the old Consent SDK provided information about user preferences, the new AdsConsentStatus only tells you if you should show the modal to a user or not.

  • requestInfoUpdate does now accept an optional AdsConsentInfoOptions object instead of expecting publisherIds and returns a changed AdsConsentInfo interface
  • showForm does not expect any parameters any longer and now only returns the changed AdsConsentStatus as part of it's AdsConsentFormResult interface
  • getAdProviders, getStatus and setStatus methods were removed without replacements
  • addTestDevices, setDebugGeography and setTagForUnderAgeOfConsent methods were removed, but their functionality is available via AdsConsentInfoOptions
  • the user_tracking_usage_description key is needed in your project's app.json if you want to handle Apple's App Tracking Transparency
  • newly added getUserChoices can be used to inspect some of the consent choices
   "react-native-google-mobile-ads": {
     "android_app_id": "ca-app-pub-xxxxxxxx~xxxxxxxx",
     "ios_app_id": "ca-app-pub-xxxxxxxx~xxxxxxxx",
+    "user_tracking_usage_description": "This identifier will be used to deliver personalized ads to you."
 import { AdsConsent, AdsConsentStatus } from 'react-native-google-mobile-ads';

-const consentInfo = await AdsConsent.requestInfoUpdate(['pub-6189033257628123']);
+const consentInfo = await AdsConsent.requestInfoUpdate();

 if (
-  consentInfo.isRequestLocationInEeaOrUnknown &&
+  consentInfo.isConsentFormAvailable &&
-  consentInfo.status === AdsConsentStatus.UNKNOWN
+  consentInfo.status === AdsConsentStatus.REQUIRED
 ) {
-  const formResult = await AdsConsent.showForm({
-    privacyPolicy: 'https://invertase.io/privacy-policy',
-    withPersonalizedAds: true,
-    withNonPersonalizedAds: true,
-    withAdFree: true,
-  });
+  const formResult = await AdsConsent.showForm()
+  const { storeAndAccessInformationOnDevice } = await AdsConsent.getUserChoices();
+  if (storeAndAccessInformationOnDevice === false) {
+    /**
+     * The user declined consent for purpose 1,
+     * the Google Mobile Ads SDK won't serve ads.
+     */
+  }