🚀 Roadmap#

Both platforms#

  • Adjust exposure in awesome UI (flutter)
  • Timer before taking a photo (flutter)
  • Multiple camera photo mode
  • Rework quality options (use preset quality & not resolution)
  • Add Web support.
  • Add Linux support.
  • Add Windows support.
  • Add macOS support.
  • Add custom filter.



  • Fix patrol tests.
  • Add correction brightness.

✔️ Done#

  • Preview alignment & padding
  • Built-in widgets theming
  • Apply Preview filter
  • Apply filter on image
  • Add filters.
  • Use Pigeon.
  • Cropped ratio support
  • Tests E2E using patrol
  • Pause/Resume a video recording in awesome UI
  • Lock UI while recording a video (user should not change the camera sensor nor the camera mode)
  • Customize preview fit
  • Tap to focus on a point.
  • Add analysis mode.
  • Return list of all available cameras (iOS).
  • Change sensor type (iOS).
  • Add video settings (iOS).
  • Return list of all available cameras (iOS).