🎨 Theming

You can customize the look and feel of CamerAwesome's built-in widgets by setting your own theme.

It can be used both in CameraAwesomeBuilder.awesome() and CameraAwesomeBuilder.custom() constructors.

Included buttons (Flash button, aspect ratio...) are black with a white icon and they bounce when you tap them.

You can completely change them if you set a new AwesomeTheme:


  theme: AwesomeTheme(
    // Background color of the bottom actions
    bottomActionsBackgroundColor: Colors.deepPurple.withOpacity(0.5),
    // Buttons theme
    buttonTheme: AwesomeButtonTheme(
      // Background color of the button
      backgroundColor: Colors.deepPurple.withOpacity(0.5),
      // Size of the icon
      iconSize: 32,
      // Padding around the icon
      padding: const EdgeInsets.all(18),
      // Color of the icon
      foregroundColor: Colors.lightBlue,
      // Tap visual feedback (ripple, bounce...)
      buttonBuilder: (child, onTap) {
        return ClipOval(
          child: Material(
            color: Colors.transparent,
            shape: const CircleBorder(),
            child: InkWell(
              splashColor: Colors.deepPurple,
              highlightColor: Colors.deepPurpleAccent.withOpacity(0.5),
              onTap: onTap,
              child: child,

Custom theme

Let's see what happens in the above animation:

  • In the first part, the default theme of CamerAwesome is used. Note that the Flash button bounces when tapped.
  • Then, the code is changed to show the custom theme above with a hot reload.
  • Finally, the UI is updated with the new purple theme and you can see that even the Flash button has a different tap effect: it is now a ripple.

If you are using the built-in widgets - even partially, it is recommended to use AwesomeTheme in the rest of your Camera UI to stay consistent.

You can access the current AwesomeTheme by using AwesomeThemeProvider:

final myTheme = AwesomeThemeProvider.of(context).theme


  • If you don't have a BuildContext to access the parent's AwesomeTheme, wrap your widget within a Builder widget.
  • Use AwesomeTheme.copyWith() to make a copy of an AwesomeTheme and change only the properties you want to change. The same goes for AwesomeButtonTheme.

See custom_theme.dart for an example with a custom theme.