CamerAwesome embeds a set of filters that can be applied to the camera preview.

There is actually 29 filters which can be applied on your pictures to make them look awesome 🎉.

We are working hard to add more filters to the plugin but you can also contribute by adding your own filters 😎.

Filters preview

You can add a filter directly in the camerAwesome builder:

  // [...]
  filter: AwesomeFilter.AddictiveRed,

Here is a list of all filters currently available:

No Filter No FilterAddictiveBlue AddictiveBlueAddictiveRed AddictiveRedAden Aden
Amaro AmaroAshby AshbyBrannan BrannanBrooklyn Brooklyn
Clarendon ClarendonCrema CremaDogpatch DogpatchSutro Sutro
Gingham GinghamGinza GinzaX-Pro II X-Pro IIWillow Willow
Hefe HefeHudson HudsonInkwell InkwellWalden Walden
Juno JunoLark LarkLo-Fi Lo-FiStinson Stinson
Ludwig LudwigMoon MoonSlumber SlumberSierra Sierra
Perpetua PerpetuaReyes Reyes

Preview picture are taken from the photofilters library, thanks to @skkallayath for the awesome work!